Peter Bayne

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History of leading successful development teams with 20 years experience in forming, leading, and coaching software development teams.

Senior software developer that has been writing commercial software since 1995. Particularly experienced in the .NET ecosystem including Azure, C# / F#, and micro-services.

Experienced technical speaker speaking at a variety of local meetings and international conferences such as the Agile Professionals Network, TechEd, and ForestTech Canada. Technical consultant to Double-O Consulting, and delivers training courses in association with Assurity and Industrial Logic.

Professional Experience

Principal Consulting Developer

Haumohio, Christchurch, 2015-present

Principal developer writing software and helping others to write and deliver software across New Zealand and eastern Australia. Centred on more effective, cleaner development that reduces repetitive drudgery that lead to mistakes and focuses the team on working the business solution.

Some of the highlights:

Technical consultant to Double-O Consulting

Working with Double-O Consulting as a technical consultant and software development specialist, with a particular interest in the Build for Speed programme.

Consultant for various clients

Contract Developer at Seequent

Lead developer on the Monitor project, focussing on collating and reporting end-user product usage for billing internally and reporting usage in presentable form to end users. Part of the Platform Services team, with a bias towards reliability and accessibility leveraging the AWS platform.

Contract Developer at Xtend-Life

Joined the Xtend-Life team to help deal with the complexity of a multi-national sales website through such things as introduction of a continuous deployment system, and increasing the functionality of the system through to the back-end systems.

Mobile App Developer for Fire Research

Produced a simple mobile application for Scion Research's Fire team, that helps publish the scientific knowledge in a simple working calculator for rural fire fighters.

Practice Lead - Development Practices

Assurity, Christchurch, 2012-2015

Charged with building up the software development capability in Christchurch to complement the established BA, Test, and Agile practices. The specialist offerings included the creation of a DevOps offering, improving developer practices such as TDD and managing technical debt, and software architecture and design.

Team Leader

Emendo (now McKesson), Christchurch, 2008-2011

Responsibilities include day-to-day staff management, strategic technical direction of the product suite, project management of releases, architectural design, and software development. The personal focus during this time was in developing the strategic direction of the product suite's architecture. This lead to the development of frameworks, standards, and patterns that support the development team's efforts.

Product Leader

Atlas Technology, Rotorua, 2000-2006

Joined this fledgling business unit of Forest Research and established a role as a functional specialist in hand-held computing. Lead developer of the FieldMan product, which gathers a varied range of field data needed to feed the analysis products in the suite. The project management of each release included co-ordinating a cross-Tasman client steering group over 6-weekly sprints.

Research Scientist

Forest Research (now Scion), Rotorua, 1995-2000

Running both government and commercially funded research projects for the sawmilling industry. Typically, the 1-3 year contracts involved teams of up to 8 scientists and technicians. Also contributed to a number of related projects as a technical specialist in computerised data acquisition and measurement.