Software development and consulting

Over 20 years of experience delivering software and consulting on software products.

Development of bespoke software, or as a member of your own development team.
In the cloud, on a mobile platform, as a micro-service, or an API

Continuous delivery of value from feature to customer.
Automation of the development and quality assurance pipeline all the way through to measuring the health and value of the deployed solutions

Train your own software development team.
in topics such as continuous delivery, software design, and micro-testing

Some recent development projects…

Fire Behaviour Calculator Fire Behaviour Calculator based on algorithms developed Scion Research to help rural fire fighters predict fires

Xtendlife website Working as part of the Xtend-Life team to increase the sophistication of the connection between the sales and ordering backend to the marketing website.


Technical consulting and leadership in association with Double-O Consulting. Specialising in emergent architecture and technical practices such as test driven development.

Particular focus on the Callaghan Build For Speed improvement programme for startups, assessing and providing help for over 100 companies in the last year or two, such as Onside, Abacus Bio, Abley, and Jade Logistics.

A recent blog…

Publication before Perfection - Building the right thing before building it all

(08 Apr 2019 with tags Continuous Delivery and Feedback)

Every project should ideally start off with considering how to show something to the stakeholders in the first day, and providing a mechanism to allow those stakeholders to provide feedback as simply as possible.

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