Code Maniacs

Hello everyone! My name is Peter Bayne and I'm a code maniac.

I got my first taste of CodeMania last year and got my mind blown especially by the multi-coloured musings of Lea Verou and blue-tinged graphs of Jim Webber.

This year I was a repeat offender and I don’t regret it.

When Andrew Sorensen finished the day by creating multiple styles of music with a bit of maths and some custom lisp, and then edited the code on-stage to change the music while it was playing, I was hooked again.

For those of you who have yet to come across CodeMania, it is a short conference in Auckland aimed directly at developers, and organised by two local developers Ian Randall and Ben Gracewood. They work really hard to get a succinct group of speakers that are all worth the time to listen to.

This year to keep track of want I wanted to remember I quickly tweeted snippets under the conference hash tag #codemania.
I have compiled my experiences in a mindmap.


Adrian Cockcroft was a really interesting speaker to listen to as he’s spent a number of years with things like micro-services, immutable container deployments and dealing with big wads of video data building the NetFlix infrastructure.

Mixing this with some arduino and multi-media mashing with Raquel Vélez and Sarah Hui and the intriguing world of (in)security with Laura Bell made for a diverse and pleasing cocktail.



So to finish with, a selection of my take-aways from the speakers are:

I’m definitely planning on going back for my fix again next year - if you’re a kiwi you should go too!